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SuperPass antenna shop is a factory outlet of SuperPass Company Inc which designs, menufactures and markets its antenna products to the world. For the latest products, you may enter here www.superpass.com

SuperPass is a leading antenna supplier in the wireless market. It owns a number of antenna patents and has developed more than 400 types of antennas thus far to meet various customer's needs, such as the latest MIMO antennas. SuperPass antennas cover for VHL, UHL, GSM, PCS, CDMA, TDMA, WLAN, WLL, MMDS, Bluetooth, Mesh and 802.ac ...

Again, please check above at www.superpass.com


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John Chen
SuperPass Company Inc.
135 Dearborn Place
Waterloo, ON, N2J 4N5 Canada
Tel: 1-519-886-5186
Fax: 1-519-886-1622
E-mail: info@superpass.com
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